PINEFF Company is a reliable supplier of oil, petroleum products and petrochemicals. We purchase high quality crude product and deliver it to our clients all over the world.

We have been working in the oil market since 2012. For the last 5 years we have built partner relations with producers of oil and petroleum products, developed robust resource base and efficient logistics network. We established an experienced team because this is people who make a company genuine. The whole focus is on fast and efficient delivery of petroleum products to our clients.

Keeping up with market changes

We keep up extending our partnership network. Every year we conclude new long-term contracts with producers of oil, petroleum products and petrochemicals. We negotiate and achieve best customized conditions for our clients.

Our team conduct thorough monitoring of market fluctuations and search for beneficial solutions. We do our best to optimize costs for our clients.

Deliver by sea or by land

PINEFF provides for sea, railway and automobile transportation of oil products. Well-developed freight network guarantees timely delivery of the product.

Delivery method is selected based on every client’s needs. We consider the volume of delivery and location of the client. By combining sea and land transportation we reduce the client’s expenses.

Our goal is to ensure smooth and fast supplies as part of long-term partnership. Therefore we are continuously investing in and improving our logistics system.

Complying with requirements

Our clients are national and transnational oil, industrial and chemical companies, municipal enterprises, to name a few. Every customer sets its own requirements to the product. PINEFF team study the clients’ requirements to the quality features of oil and petroleum products. Based on that they find and develop individual solution for the client to deliver the required product in the required quantity. We stake on quality of service, stable and smooth deliveries.

Observing the regulations

Strict internal policies, rigid regulations and procedures. We take the responsibility in everything we do. We keep an eye on the changes in national and international laws and ensure compliance. No violations – no delays in supplies.

PINEFF – reliable supplier of oil, petroleum products and petrochemicals.